Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

Here at American Reconstruction, we recommend cleaning your gutters & flushing clear your downspouts twice per year. Most of our customers have us clean them in the fall when leaves and tree debris fill the gutters. Clean them again in the spring when helicopters and tree buds fill the gutters. Having Baltimore Gutter Cleaning perform its gutter and downspout cleaning service on a consistent basis will reduce the likelihood of water damage to your home as well as potential runoff damage to your landscape. We remove all debris by hand and remove the debris from your property. We verify that your downspouts are working properly and free from any clogs. If necessary, we will flush your downspouts with water.

Gutter Repair & Maintenance

Re-securing loose gutters, re-pitching sagging gutters, & re-tightening downspouts are some of the common gutter repairs that we provide. If your gutters are leaking and need to be caulked, we provide that service as well. When gutter spikes are nailed back in on a loose gutter, the gutter often becomes loose again within a few months. For this reason, we use “hidden hangers“ to re-secure loose gutters. The hidden hangers provide twice the strength of a gutter spike because they are screwed in & not nailed. For your gutter system to work properly, it is very important to make sure that your gutters are pitched properly & secured tightly to your home.

Gutter Replacement & Installation

The average life expectancy of an aluminum rain gutter is 20 years. Many homeowners often wait 30+ years before they have their gutters & downspouts replaced. Usually, by this time, the gutter has already failed & has caused some type of water damage such as wet basements, rotted fascia boards, and leaking roofs. We offer both 5 and 6-inch gutters made of .032 gauge aluminum which is the thickest aluminum available to gutter contractors. We recommend & install only seamless gutters secured with hidden hangers.


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